HP-SEE for you!


What does HP‐SEE project do?

  • Links HPC facilities in South East Europe in a common Infrastructure and provides operational solutions for it
  • Opens the South East European HPCinfrastructure to a wide range of scientific user communities
  • Offers equal opportunities to all scientists in the region who require HPCresources for their research
  • Enables and provides a high level of HPC expertise in the region
  • Fosters collaboration and provides advanced capabilities to researchers, with an emphasis on strategic groups in Computational Physics, Computational Chemistry and Life Sciences

Why use HPC facilities?


  • HPC enables new science discoveries, industrial and technological advances, innovations in products and services
  • Results obtained by using HPC facilities can be used to improve every day activities
  • HPC has valuable and indispensable economical and societal impact  
  • HPC domain offers new job, career and learning opportunities 

Global Collaboration

Sharing of HPC resources, knowledge, expertise and scientific results beyond national and regional scopes further strengthens the human network and accelerates the development of scientific research, technological and industrial advance, modernization and innovation.

Have you ever dreamt about making your mark in the scientific world?

You are a scientist and you need access to high‐performance computing resources for your next big discovery? HP‐SEE can help you connect to local or regional HPC centers and explore the best possibilities together. Get your hands on HPC!

Get your hands on HPC!


The HP‐SEE project has opened a continuouscall for proposals for fast track access toHPC resources available in the South‐EastEurope region, targeted at new user communities. Researchers from the region are invited to apply for support in running their scientific applications to resources. Selected applications will be given access to HPCresources and will benefit from the technical support of HP‐SEE experts during a period of two months.

Don’t ‘speak’ HPC? No problem!

HP‐SEE is offering trainings for potential new users and also current ones. Regional and national trainings are organized regularly. The training curriculum and material are adapted to accommodate the users needs. HP‐SEE training courses meet the expectations of the scientific research communities and the R&D and industrial domains.


Knowledge base for all


HP‐SEE created a publicly available content‐rich common knowledge base. HP‐SEE Wiki pages contain the necessary documents as well as public deliverables . All training materials, scientific publications, applications documentation and guides are uploaded here along with other important documents.

Improving your business with HPC

If you are interested to benefit from HPC and use it to innovate your products and services, as well as to achieve industrial and technological advances, HP‐SEE can help you start‐up. Our experts can offer you procurement guidelines, HPC centre setup cookbook and training for your HPC system operators and users.


Looking for a role‐model?

HP‐SEE provides proven models, policies and guidelines for establishing national HPC initiatives and long‐lasting international collaboration based on sharing resources and knowledge.


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