Project Objectives

  • Empowering multi-disciplinary Virtual Research Communities: The core objective of the HP-SEE project is to engage multi-disciplinary research communities from the region in close collaboration in a number of scientific fields with specific needs in massively parallel execution on powerful computing resources. The project aims to enable application porting and support for these major scientific fields on the regional HPC infrastructure.
  • Deploying integrated infrastructure for Virtual Research Communities: HP-SEE will provide and operate the integrated South-East European HPC Infrastructure, focusing on operating the HPC infrastructure and specific end-user services for the benefit of new user communities, and establishing the continuation of the G√ČANT link to Caucasus.
  • Policy development and stimulating regional inclusion in pan-European HPC trends: HP-SEE will ensure that all participating countries in the region have access to latest HPC facilities in the region and if necessary in Europe, through suitable and sustainable organisational and operational models. The project aims to support the development of a sustainable model on national and regional levels.
  • Strengthening the regional and national human network: HP-SEE will further strengthen and widen the regional and national-level Human Network, reaching out to as wide as possible range of local and national virtual communities, via strong dissemination and training campaign. Particular focus would be on large, production-level users in crucial SEE communities of computational physics, computational chemistry, and life sciences