Computational Physics

Computational physics is nowadays the main beneficiary of the scientificHPC, large-scale numerical computations being necessary whenever the complexity of the physical systems investigated does not allow the derivation of an analytical solution.

The main objective of the Computational Physics VRC is to join together the various physics research teams from the SEE area and to provide them access to a powerful HPC infrastructure and tools which will make possible their participation in multidisciplinary and international collaborations.

For this purpose, software developers from 6 countries will contribute with 8 applications in the fields of High Energy and Particle Physics, Plasma Physics, Physics of Condensed Matter, Atomic Physics, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

The application range extends from nanoelectronics, micro-devices optimization and the modeling of robotic devices for biomedicine, to improved means for feature detection in satellite images, which leads to better mapping, localization and search services.